Feed the Children!

As a former US Marine and member of the Department of State, Office of Diplomatic Security, I had the pleasure of working in may different countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. While my experience abroad was at times challenging, I really enjoyed the opportunity to interact with people of different cultures and backgrounds. I cherished the opportunity to live with them, eat with them and to experience their lifestyle day after day while on assignment for extended periods of time.

While I found most countries and the people I encountered to be not so different than the USA and people around us, I was taken aback by the level of poverty I witnessed in parts of Africa, Panama, Mexico and the Philippines. The site of starving children, sometimes barely able to walk, being forced to dig through trash cans for discarded and molding food still troubles me today.

After becoming a police officer, I quickly learned that many of the food-shortage and hunger issues I encountered abroad were present right here in my own country. While assigned to patrol some of our city's lower income neighborhoods, it became quickly apparent that children in my own city (and cities across America) were starving or severely malnourished.

While I realize I won't be able to save every child, if I can help just one to receive a balanced diet and to be able to forget what it feels like to be starving, then my time on Earth has been better spent.

Beginning in March 2018, 3% of all money we make from the sale of survival gear, camping equipment and emergency supplies will be sent to a non-profit organization called Feed My Starving Children, which is an "A" rated company through Charity Watch. When you make a purchase 3% of the total purchase price will be automatically deducted and sent to the charity. 

No child should ever be deprived of food and every dollar you spend with us will help to feed a hungry child. A contribution calculator showing our total contribution to date can be found on each product page. As a new company our sales are  slow right now but, as word spreads and more customers find our store and purchase our products, we pray our company's contributions will help to improve the lives of needy children.  Thank you for your help!


Feed the Children